Healing from Clerical Sexual Abuse

The Victim, the Family and the Church

Desiring to bring hope and healing to other victims, these men and women—survivors as well as their community of family and friends—come together to speak out about their abuse and betrayal by Catholic priests and leaders. These are only a few stories—but through these few are related the experiences of many victims. Contrary to conventional wisdom, these men and women are still active, practicing Catholics who love their faith.  The abusers may have stolen their innocence, but through God’s grace, they weren’t able to steal their faith.


Included are chapters providing practical advice from Dr. Deborah Rodriguez, a medical doctor specializing in trauma care, Christopher West, an expert on St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, and Elizabeth Terrill, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, to help victims begin or continue the process of healing, not only from sexual abuse, but also from the damage done to their faith.


Priests and Bishops of the Catholic Church have harmed many, but through this 2,000 year old institution, these victims found the healing they so desired and deserved. This book aims to unite victims and concerned members of the Catholic Church to fight against the evil of sexual abuse and coverup. The Catholic Church has a lot of work to do, but there are good, heroic people within its membership who desire to advocate for victims of sexual abuse and to change the structures that allowed this Abuse of Trust to occur.


Allen A. Hébert

Letitia Peyton

Denae L. Hébert

Valarie Brooks

Jim Field

Elizabeth Terrill LPCC

Jess McGuire

Dr. Deborah Rodriguez MD

Deacon Bob Henkel

Michael Vanderburgh

Deacon Scott Peyton

Christopher West


Guadalupe Radio Network

Interview with author Allen Hebert on the "GRN Alive" Friday morning radio show.

January 11, 2019

What READERS are Saying

“Abuse of Trust offers readers a perspective on the interplay between abuse and Faith along with Hope for the Church doing better in offering meaningful help on the healing journey. As a Catholic priest, who has been very involved in helping victims of abuse and fostering a safe environment, I found the book both positive and helpful. The recognition that individual bishops and priests are not the Church is essential to open the door for Faith as the true path to healing. Abuse of Trust covers a lot of ground and covers it very well. Those sharing the experience of abuse and the not infrequent failure of leaders to respond effectively, provide a moving account of their journey. The sections on trauma and the Theology of the Body are both well done and provide practical insights.”

Father Gavin Vaverek, JCL
Co-Founder and VP, Maria Goretti Network (www.mgoretti.org)

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